Job (pt 2) ~ Observation #5

Passages: Job chapters 33-42

Is it worse to be self-righteous or to misrepresent God? In the last sections of Job, God rebukes Job but is angry as his friends for not speaking right about God.

Job carried on claiming he didn't deserve what was happening but he never spoken correctly about God. His friends on the other hand, had several conversations but made the grave error of not defending God over Job. I think we all tend to do what Job's friends do and nag about the wrong or sin, but we don't lead people to God and his righteousness character; His mercy, holiness, grace, unfailing love, etc...

When we proclaim God's right rule over our lives, He is exalted and it keeps us humble. It wasn't until Elihu spoke up that Job and his friends are found in sin (33:12). I'm encouraged to remind you that God is always good and always right. it's our job to expose sin and see how we're wrong when we think ourselves wiser than God. 

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