Job (pt1) ~ Observation #4

Passages: Job 1&2; 42:11

In observation number two, a definition for perfect (or complete) as stated by Jesus was looked at with a cross reference to Hebrews and James. I think that James understood the requirement of the faith as he saw his brother Jesus growing up. I also believe that we get a perfect example of how this looks like in Job's life. He doesn't sin until he's caught in self-righteousness and God still shows his approval for Job after rebuking him. 

In the first two chapters, God and Satan share conversation where Job is being talked about to see if he is faithful because of comfort or for the sake of faithfulness. Saying continually pushes the idea that Jobs fear of God is based on god's blessings, provisions or protections. So God allows Satan test this theory by taking away Job's property and children. Satan follows up by getting permission from God to take Job's health. 

Ironically, for all that Satan takes, he leaves Job's wife alone. This woman looks over to Job, who has sores on his skin from head to toe and says, "Curse God and die!" (V.9-10) Joe rebukes her, calling her foolish. All this happened and Job has not sinned. (1:22; 2:10) also, at the end of the trials he is still without blame. (42:11)

Finally, looking at chapter 42:11, it states that his siblings came to comfort job after the trials that the Lord had brought upon him. We know that Satan was the one at work in all this, yet God allows it to happen. It matters not our opinion about God's actions in our life, as we saw in Jonah, our attitude is our responsibility but will you seek to still honor God as God when it hurts or when you don't understand? I find it encouraging that Job had a good attitude and we have Holy Spirit with us as an advantage in our pursuit to be completely faithful.

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