Jonah ~ Observation #3

Passages: Jonah (all 4 chapters)

I hate cliffhangers but I love the suspense. What I mean is the withholding of information makes me upset but if the satisfaction is inevitable then I don't mind taking my time. The book of Jonah is a pleasant for chapters full of drama in wander, but it ends in a fascinating question. For years I couldn't understand why or thought there was more to the story, but then God showed me something wonderful.

First, let's talk about the animals. God care so deeply about animals. In the first chapter, God uses a big fish to care for Jonah's life when he could have drowned. In the second chapter, God uses the fish to spit him out. In the last chapter, gotta points of worm for a special job and argues over the city and its animals. Continuing off that argument, God directly asked Jonah why He shouldn't pity the city and the cattle in the city. God not only uses animals but he cares for them.

Now the question, God ask Jonah if he shouldn't pay the city when Jonah pitied the plant. God defends the city because of their ignorance and He's also putting up a mirror to Jonah's attitude problem by letting him step into God's perspective. In chapter 1 after Jonah disobeys, when he was under pressure, he has to be thrown overboard, then it took him three days to come around and repent once he was in the belly of the fish , and lastly, he didn't want to go to the city of Nineveh because he didn't want God to forgive them. Jonah literally declared "Salvation belongs to the Lord" but has a grudge or a discrimination problem against this group of people because he doesn't want them forgiven or saved.

I find it encouraging when God cares enough about Jonah's feelings and attitude to work with them instead of just cutting them off. He's patient through Jenna's, bad attitude and hypocrisy when Jonah had already experienced God's patience and forgiveness in his own life. Surely if God has patience for Jonah's hypocrisy then there must be some grace and mercy for us as well. 

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