Unashamed ~ Observation #1


Since I don't intend to waste your time or my own, I'm pushing together the introduction and the first observation. I think the purpose tends to be more than clear when you spend time in my website. So welcome, and thank you for reading! I'm so excited to share what God has shared with me over the years. The following observations I am sharing are important because of how they stir my affections for Jesus and help me see God in a different light. 

They are also objective and exegetical. What I mean is when I give you the information, you can verify I'm not making it up and check for yourself. I'm not trying to give opinions just facts and implications. Nothing less than the truth. 
My expectation of you is that you will read any passages stated from the Bible yourself and discern if what I am telling you is true. 
Without further ado-
Unashamed ~ Observation #1
Passages: Romans 1:16; Acts 7, Acts 15:44-52, 17:22-34, 18:5-6
I had known for years that The letter to the Romans was written by Paul (as stated in the first verse of chapter one of Romans). As I was last reading Acts, I read how Paul was known for boldly preaching the gospel to Jews and Gentiles.
Have you ever shared the gospel? Do you have any expectations when you share about the message of God? Specifically from the other person, maybe next excited speech of repentance or even a blunt rejection? I'd be disappointed to know if you're unsure how to even recite or let alone familiarize yourself with the Gospel - but I digress.
Paul, one of the first believers mentioned in Acts, had received various responses over his lifetime. At one point he has even rejected by his own people, the Jews, and decides to share with gentiles instead. (Acts 15:44-52)
In one occasion, (Acts 17:22-34) Paul is laughed at while he is sharing the gospel and told to return later by men of Athens. In another, (Acts 18:5-6) Paul is opposed and insulted for sharing that Jesus is the Messiah by Jews. Despite all the opposition or forces working against Paul, he still depends a letter to the Romans and in chapter 1, verse 16, he boldly states, "I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God for salvation to all who believe to the Jew first and also the Greek". 
Then in Acts chapter 7, Stephen shares the Gospel before a high priest and other religious leaders. Starting from Abraham (the moment Jews become God's chosen people);all the way until Jesus. He unfolds the gospel as it was relevant to his audience (some of the first Jews to hear the Gospel). We can see towards the end of the chapter, that Saul is present and even gives his approval when the mob begins to stone Stephen. 
Now in case you don't know, Saul is Paul. Saul changed his name to Paul once he converted to Christianity so that people wouldn't run away when he shared about Jesus. Paul, the author of that powerful verse above, was present to hear the gospel and still rejected it. He rejected Jesus. He literally began persecuting Jesus (his followers) until Jesus met with him on the way to Damascus.
I don't know how violent your response has been to the Gospel but this definitely gives me courage to depend on Jesus and His Spirit. I am also encouraged that a man who had a very violent response to the gospel; who overcame fear insult and rejection; would still write Romans 1:16.
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