• YOU WIN because you bought it at the lowest cost possible since I literally only make💲 cents in profit on every New Release -*something competitors wouldn't DARE to offer.  
  • I WIN because I gratefully accept any profit and it's in my business interest to not offer discounts on clothing after the market value has increased.💸
  • THEY WIN because those who can buy into the trend after the price increase have those bragging rights 💪 living a lifestyle that doesn't need to prove good income. 💰

You could write a mathematical formula for how this works... ➗

I just can't give you mine. 


Pricing Info

Everything in the store comes with two price tags.

The Launch Price* (LP) reflects the same price I purchased the product for. At less than 2% margin increase, you get the lowest price any product will ever be available for, (including future discounts). *Only available the first 30 days of product launch. 

The Actual Price (AP) reflects the product's actual value.

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